I am an experienced registered psychotherapist who provides an eclectic and holistic approach to counseling and psychotherapy for individuals and couples.

My aim is to help you, with support and encouragement, explore and understand the issues you may be struggling with so as to bring insight and meaning into your personal experience, thus enabling you to move forward and achieve positive changes in your life.

Seeking help is the first step towards positive transformation. The process of being able to talk in a safe, non-judgmental and confidential setting to a professional therapist, helps you gain awareness and clarity about the issues that may cause emotional, psychological or physical distress in your current life. To be listened to with respect and confidence assists you, within yourself and your relationships, regain a sense of empowerment, wellbeing and happiness.

I welcome and work with individuals (one to one), and couples. I also work with a wide range of people with varied personal backgrounds, cultures, beliefs, sexual identity or professional orientations.

I am committed to helping you grow and develop your potential so that you feel more fulfilled, integrated and empowered in your life.