Couples Therapy

Are you happy in your relationship?
Do you feel you and your partner connect and communicate together?
Does it look like everything is going well but deep inside it feels different?
Do you and your partner really know how each other feel?
Are things becoming tense, resulting in arguing?
Are there intimacy or sexual desire issues?
Trust issues ie betrayal or affairs?
Do you feel the relationship is affecting your children?
Is it difficult to cope with separation?

These may be some of the reasons why couples seek therapy. When the relationship with our loved one becomes distressed, we are challenged to the core of our being. A thriving and fulfilling relationship brings happiness that enables each other to grow and develop a closer bond with our partner. When difficulties arise and couples struggle in their relationship, therapy for couples can help you and your partner work through the issues, building stronger foundations to reconnect to each other with skills for a long lasting relationship.

Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) developed primarily by Dr Sue Johnson helps couples create safe and secure emotional bonds. It has been validated by research and its theoretical grounding in attachment provides a solid base across all cultures and backgrounds that is universal.

Its not just about learning communication tools, its about understanding the emotional needs and fears of your partner. EFT helps couples transform their negative cycle into a positive one, where it becomes easier to safely express our feelings so that it is not anger but love we hear, that is becomes possible to share our vulnerabilities safely – thereby creating new pathways towards a safe and secure loving relationship that helps overcome challenges that life may bring.

When there is a deeper emotional and more loving connection between you and your partner, where the relationship feels secure, your hopes and dreams for a happy and meaningful relationship can become real.