Body Psychotherapy

Body Psychotherapy helps you deal with your concerns not only through talking, but also by helping you tune in to what’s going on in your body as well as in your mind. This can also be manifest through your emotions, images and behaviour.

It is recognized that a person’s life history and experiences are reflected not only in their thoughts and in feelings but also in the way they move, how they breathe and how a person’s body has evolved over the years. Sometimes this is manifest by pain or ‘dis-ease’.  The power of the mind-body connection is pivotal in how you may respond to stress and our body may become a symptom of that disconnection.

You may be invited to become more conscious of how you breathe, move, speak and where you experience feelings in your body. How you say something may be as important as what you say. As with psychotherapy these methods are interwoven with the essential relationship between the client and the therapist.

Body Psychotherapy takes into account the complexity of the intersections and interactions between the body and the mind. The body is the whole person and there is a functional unity between mind and body.